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July 30, 2021

Boyce Turner, my grandfather.

Much of my early life was spent on my family’s farm in Southern Indiana. It was a unique setting: 40 acres of farmland with animals and ponds, as well as four buildings for my grandma’s doll-manufacturing business, Turner Dolls. It was there where I either spent countless hours creating in the factories or out on the land fishing and playing. It was there where my love of nature was born and I was introduced to female entrepreneurship, photography, and business. And it was there, on the porch, with ice tinkling in our tall glasses and a sunset ablaze in the sky, that my grandpa told me stories, asked me philosophical questions, and those deep conversations developed my character growing up.

Today, my own porch overlooks an expansive, picturesque neighborhood park that serves as a designated Bird Sanctuary and is the home of a beloved historic summer festival that first took place in 1909. It’s where my morning routine unfolds, where I sip tea and swap stories with loved ones, and where my dreams and aspirations unfurl.

As I spent more time during the uncertainty of 2020 back on my family’s farm and in my own space – allowing the passing of time to be slowed by the idyllic surroundings – it occurred to me that the porch is the place where my love for stories and strong character was born.

When we started B. Media House, we wanted to put our clients at the forefront and did so by presenting a neutral brand. We focused on black and white with a geometric aesthetic to keep the attention on our work. Our only supplementary color was yellow, representing the joy we bring to storytelling. In a sense, B. Media House was a brand but also a clean slate to draw upon as we learned.

Over the years, we’ve studied and developed a deep understanding of the entire ecosystem of video production for our clients, as well as the pain points they experience. Through this process of growth and development, our own deeper identity emerged. We learned what we truly care about in this business, and through that, Porch was born. Porch is the place that holds our love for stories and develops our character.

We are Porch.

We are a video communications company where stories are told and character is developed. We serve clients in the roles of trusted advisors and skilled tacticians. We bring strategic vision and leadership to our collaborative process to drive client success. And we enrich each other’s lives by being vulnerable, listening carefully, leading confidently, rising in the face of conflict, learning from one another, creating a truly shared experience among all stakeholders, and enjoying the process – from inception to completion. This allows us to connect on a deeply human level and continue growing into the people we want to be, both personally and professionally.

When developing the new visual brand, we engaged the services of Second Street Creative to help us capture the look and feel of Porch and to reflect our core values of community, vulnerability, authenticity, collaboration, and craftsmanship.

Second Street Creative had the pleasure of working with Porch in 2021 on a rebrand effort that included an identity system, website, print and digital collateral. Working collaboratively with the Porch team, we were able to develop a system that spoke to the deep, meaningful exchanges of ideas and storytelling that happen on the porch – a place that is both inside and outside. We are so proud of the result of this collaboration and are thrilled to see everything come to life in a way that honors both the integrity and excellence of their visual storytelling. – Ryan Hunley

For the past six years, it’s been an honor and a privilege to do what we do, and we are deeply appreciative of our clients and the trust they place in us. Porch would not be where it is today without you.

As we begin this new chapter, we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell your stories, and we also want to thank you for helping us write ours.