Porch is a team of filmmakers, storytellers, and creative leaders. We approach each and every client collaboration with gratitude and are ever-mindful that as we tell your stories, you are helping us write ours.

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  • Our Leadership

    Heather Brogden is a storyteller, entrepreneur, and leader in the field of video communications. She founded Unique Heart Productions, a high-end wedding film company, in 2011; started Porch Marketing in 2015; and acquired New Thread Films in 2019. As a certified change management specialist who holds a BA in Journalism from Indiana University, she focuses on creating transformation through storytelling for her clients.

    Outside of work, Heather is active in her community and is a member of the 2021 James T. Morris Global Leadership Series Cohort, as well as the Advance 317 Leadership Exchange (LEX). She also serves as president of the Indy American Marketing Association. Heather volunteers as a Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana and enjoys attending First Friday arts and culture events, supporting local chefs, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Heather Brogden

    Owner and Creative Director

  • Chris Anderson

    Director of Photography + Animator

  • Samantha Essex

    Associate Producer and Executive Assistant


It’s an honor to collaborate with these talented creators in the Indianapolis community.

  • Geoff George

    Freelance Filmmaker

  • Stacy Able

    Stacy Able Photography

  • Mina Keohane

    Earshot Audio

  • Constance Macy


  • Chris Meyer

    IU Studios
    Multimedia Producer

  • Ryan Hunley

    2nd Street Creative

  • Natasha Richardson O'Neill

    Marketing and Communications Consultant

  • Allie Ochs

    Script Writer

  • Ben Ericsen

    Earshot Audio
    Audio Engineer


These five words represent the things that we believe in most – the things that inspire us to do what we do. Through these creeds, our culture is born.

  • Community

    This is one of our most important beliefs. Community creates inclusive spaces where innovation is born. It nurtures us and keeps us moving forward.

  • Vulnerability

    While some folks think being vulnerable is a weakness, we know it's one of our biggest strengths. By creating a nurturing and vulnerable work space, we are able to achieve great things, faster.

  • Authenticity

    Although we all love a good script, we believe the best moments are raw, unscripted, and full of life. Being real and vulnerable is a powerful way to communicate and live.

  • Collaboration

    Two minds are better than one, and also a lot more fun. We enjoy the process more together and believe the product is elevated through this.

  • Craftsmanship

    We are here to create, and we do so with a lot of drive and intensity. We always strive to produce the best work we can, whether it’s a blog or a year-long campaign.

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