Our Process

We believe in the power of questions and listening first. We take a very consultative approach and try to understand the holistic nature of a project before beginning. We have a steadfast process that keeps expectations aligned, communication open, and clients coming back.

  • 01 Discovery Sessions Step One


    Discovery sessions are high-level conversations to determine a project’s purpose, stakeholders, and timeline. These sessions typically last about 30 minutes, and during this time, we can determine together our potential fit and alignment, as well as discuss investment estimates.

  • 02 Consultation + Proposal Sessions Step Two


    Consultation + proposal sessions typically last about an hour, and within this meeting, we lead our clients through a series of questions and collaborative conversations that will determine the scope of work and the core elements of the video campaign. After this session, we are able to deliver a detailed proposal.

  • 03 Pre-Production Step Three


    Pre-production is determined by the decided-upon scope of work. This stage of the work typically takes between two and six weeks and includes services such as scripting, location scouting, asset gathering, and question development. The pre-production stage not only prepares us for production and post-production, but also promotes alignment between Porch and the client to ensure accuracy of – and satisfaction with – final deliverables.

  • 04 Production Step Four


    Production includes setup and filmmaking.

  • 05 Post-Production Step Five


    Post-production is the stage during which we animate, edit footage, engineer sound, license music, and put all of the pieces together. We usually need a minimum of two weeks after production is completed to deliver a final draft. We use a software that allows our clients to give seamless feedback, and all videos are subject to at least three rounds of revisions.

  • 06 Delivery + Storage Step Six


    Delivery + storage is the final step. We typically deliver final files in the format requested and store all footage for our clients at no additional cost. Recurring clients have repurposed and called upon older footage to allow for a more robust video marketing strategy to serve them in their needs.

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