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July 11, 2022

As we are rounding a full year on our rebrand, we couldn’t be happier with how everything has been. The new name and rebrand was the perfect change to help better display how Porch has continued to evolve to better serve our clients. 

If you’ve got a keen eye, and visit our pages regularly, one of the things you’d notice are our four tertiary colors that change with the seasons. This came about because for all of us that have lived in Indiana, we know that as you’re sitting on a porch, the seasons change what you look at as the year goes by. We did this in an effort to reflect our name “Porch” and the way we change with our clients. Our owner, Heather, is change management certified- so change, change in human behavior and transformation through storytelling are all in our DNA. 

Our goal with this idea was to reflect the changing of the seasons in a way that went along with the brand in a cerebral nature. So we have four seasonal colors that do not interact with one another, but change when the seasons do. Brown for fall, light-blue for winter, pink for spring and yellow for summer. 

We all know content is king in marketing and making sure that you’re having fresh looks is a way to make sure things don’t get stale. Constantly trying to keep things fresh, however, can get exhausting, especially for a small business. We liked the tertiary color concept because it allows us to be able to keep things updated, without having to re-invent the wheel every season. 

As we reached the end of June, and welcomed July, we were excited to flip the switch from spring to summer and welcome whatever changes this season brings. We also look to continue producing great videos for our clients no matter what the weather looks like. From a broader perspective, it is a way to practice what we preach- which is to help people find creative ways to ease the changes so that their look is continuously fresh and updated. 


If you’re interested in having Porch help you keep your brand fresh and updated without creating more headaches in the end, reach out to us and let’s connect!