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July 30, 2021

To help tell the story of the organization’s long-standing proactive work to better Central Indiana – as well as its agile response to pressing needs that emerged during the pandemic – UWCI partnered with Porch on a narrative short film featuring UWCI team members as well as the talents of artists creating in our community.

It was an honor to be a part of this innovative project, to learn from our client and our collaborators, and to help amplify the important work of UWCI. What’s more, the resulting short film serves as a master class on the ways nonprofits can leverage video storytelling to engage their key stakeholders by:

1. Embracing new storytelling formats. For this project, we utilized a scripted narrative short film format and created what could be described as a UWCI “mini-movie.” Using this unconventional approach to tell the UWCI story empowered us to create a unique, compelling video that stands out from the crowd and creates a lasting, memorable impact for UWCI’s constituents, donors, and team members.

2. Spotlighting team members. This short film provided UWCI with an incredible opportunity to engage its team members – both those who appeared in the project, as well as those who watched the film once it was complete – bring them together, and make them smile during an unprecedented time. What’s more, the video served as an excellent vehicle to showcase the passion, personality, and good humor of the UWCI team.

Check out testimonials from the film’s stars below:

Hello, My name is Sherri Brown-Webster and I’ve been with United Way almost 8 years now! Indeed it was a pleasure and honor to participate in “A Day With United Way” and to share my gifts and talents with such a wonderful organization. Not only does my role as an Executive Assistant/Facilities Manager afford me the opportunity to showcase an additional skill set of collaboration with my teammates via media presentations; it also allows me a chance to work with other talented individuals to want to CHANGE TODAY FOR TOMORROW! – Sherri Brown-Webster

Participating in the short film “A Day With United Way” to me, was more than just a creative collaborative project, it was an EXPERIENCE! It was my first and only opportunity to physically meet my co-workers. I was hired on as a remote employee. The opportunity was unique in that I was not only being filmed professionally for a short film, but I was able to engage with my new colleagues along the way. I would see billboards, commercials, YouTube and logos for United Way all around Central Indiana, but I didn’t know the people. I wasn’t sure how long it would be before I did because of the pandemic. I’m glad I crawled out of my comfort zone to participate in the short film, because now I not only see the faces behind the work, I see their hearts and passion for the work they do. – LeRicia Rogers

The experience I shared with some of my colleagues acting in the short film “A Day with United Way” was awesome. The script development allowed us to highlight our work in the community, while providing a little levity, and somehow, the direction and production actually made us look like actors. What we were not acting about is our commitment to our donors and the neighbors we service in the community! Thank you to B. Media for your collaboration and helping to highlight United Way of Central Indiana. – Aaron Gore

3. Collaborating with community talent. In addition to partnering with Porch, UWCI engaged the incredible talents of playwright Mat Smart and local actress Constance Macy for this project. The project’s unique blend of talent and perspectives made the collaboration all the more rewarding and the final product all the more impactful.

In the words of script writer Mat Smart:

It was a joy to collaborate with B. Media House and the United Way of Central Indiana on “A Day with United Way.” The United Way employees pulled the curtains back and showed me what they do, how they do it, and why.  I especially loved writing a script for the employees to perform themselves. As a playwright and tv writer by trade, B. Media House helped me see yet another way in which narrative writing can be powerfully brought to life. – Mat Smart

Looking for ways to set your nonprofit organization apart through innovative video storytelling? We’re here to help! Contact us to discuss how your team can best leverage video to set your nonprofit apart, connect with your key stakeholders, and advance your organization’s mission.