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September 8, 2021

When we first started B. Media House, we launched a neutral brand with a black-and-white color palette to put our clients – and their stories – at the forefront. In a sense, B. Media House was a brand, but it was also a clean slate to draw upon as we learned.

Telling stories for our clients helped us develop a deep understanding of their pain points. Pain points like a lack of emotional resonance in their marketing, video production being too time-consuming for in-house teams, and spotty communication with missed deadlines. It helped us become familiar with the nuances of the entire ecosystem of video production.

And for a company of young professionals, capturing and telling stories was nourishment and fuel. It helped us learn so much more about the world and informed our own burgeoning narrative.

You helped us develop our character as professionals and as people.

Through all these experiences, we grew into who we are and learned how we can best serve our clients’ needs by listening, learning, and leading – and Porch was born.

We are Porch. 

Porch is where stories are told and character is developed. We are a strategic video communications company that has put our clients and their stories at the forefront since Day 1. Wherever our team of consultative filmmakers, change-management experts, and creative leaders go, we spread our passion for storytelling and foster a culture that reflects our core values of Community, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Collaboration, and Craftsmanship.

And while we tell your stories, you are helping us write ours.

So join us, on the Porch.