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Heather Brogden
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March 8, 2023

Happy International Women’s Day!

Every queen needs a crown, right? This International Women’s Day we present to you a collection of queens – and friends, mothers, potters, partners, daughters, mentors, mentees, coworkers, artists, leaders, readers, dancers, followers and business owners. 

Women these days take up a lot of spaces and places. So, we opened our doors as a place to gather. We made flower crowns, ate breakfast pastries, oysters and desserts, and took some photos. 

“Joining the Porch + friends ladies day was probably the most authentic way I could honor the significance of Women’s History Month. Having and continuing to cultivate a tribe of incredible women supporting each other is like an endless garden always in bloom—it’s inspiring, vibrant, colorful, and downright beautiful to witness and experience.”

-Casey Cawthon, VP of Marketing + Communications at Indy Chamber


“Even though a lot of us had met for the first time, there was already that support system. Not only was it a confidence boost, but it was fun! Women rock!”

-Stacia Bohnert, Director of Photography at Porch Marketing 

“Surrounding yourself with a community of women that believe in themselves and each other is always a good idea. We all had our hesitations in the creation process but came out with gorgeous unique pieces. I came away from the flower crown party trusting my own creative vision has a place in a room full of beautiful people.”

Katelyn Calhoun – Owner + Documentary Director at Teardrop Pictures

Thank you to Youssef and Aziz for catering the event and the ladies from Duet Floral, Katherine and Kristin, for the flower crown class! 

Also a giant thank you to the ladies from Duet Floral, Katherine and Kristin. These ladies provided the flowers and did amazing teaching us all how to build the flower crowns.

Follow them on Instagram!

Youssef Boudarine: @youseff_boudarine

Aziz Mountassar: @azizmountassar

Duet Floral: @duetfloral