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August 25, 2022

For those who are unfamiliar, the pandemic-era trend known as the “Great Resignation” remains a prominent feature of the labor market, as favorable conditions lead workers to quit their jobs at near-record levels in search of better (and ample) opportunities elsewhere (CNBC, 2022). This ‘great resignation’ has, in a way, put the power into the hands of the working people. Conflict can often offer clarity and the pandemic has done that for workers, showing them that when big issues arise, having a company that cares for them is important.

Throughout this time period, we have noticed the strategy the talent is bringing to the interview process has elevated. People want to pick where they work. Since those applying are the ones  most needed by companies, supply and demand will dictate that they will get to pick where they work. We actually think that’s pretty cool. That does not, however, eliminate the challenge of how to cut through the noise, streamline the process, and identify the candidates that are also looking for you.

Recruiting videos have always been a part of strategic communication. We, here at Porch, realize that and have helped many clients in a wide range of industries create recruiting videos that will help them find the candidates that were searching for them too.  Below are three campaigns we’ve created for our clients, all different industries, ranging from automotive, to education, to  manufacturing. In these videos, we assist in their efforts to find the best fit talent during one of the hardest times to be hiring.


First Video – Adesa / Telly Winner

Adesa wanted to create an authentic recruiting video to showcase life in a recon shop. One of the things we are particularly proud of in this project is the inclusion that is represented in this video. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting a portion of the interview in Spanish with subtitles in English

Second Video – Paramount Teacher Recruiting Video
/ Telly Winner

Paramount has worked with Porch on many campaigns. This one was particularly geared to recruiting teachers and showing off the wonderful and unique amenities that paramount has to offer. Being able to capture the passion the teachers have through video format is one of the only ways that you can go about telling the stories of these heroes. Particularly at paramount, where there is certainly no lack of passion.

Endress+Hauser – Photography and Video Campaign

We created a photography and video campaign for Endress+Hauser, aligning their visual and brand expectations of the photography with their global requirements and themes. Additionally, we worked with the US headquarter team to personalize their recruiting videos to not only adhere to their global brand, but to culturally connect more so with their US recruiting efforts. 


With the push from the pandemic to go virtual, now more than ever, tapping into the power of video can help candidates sift through opportunities in a more effective manner that is helpful to everyone.


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